Thursday, 16 August 2007

Writer Needed

We've got a great idea for a book, but we need someone to write it.
Long story, a bit complicated, but we need a famous, patriotic, lazy egotist, with a sense of humour.
If anyone you can think of fits this bill, please email us (via the email address on the profile page).
We were thinking of Piers Morgan, Piers being an old mate of a few people here, but he's not patriotic, unfortunately.
By the way, Reading Between The Lines has caused a few waves at Chelsea FC after the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard (a much bigger piece, but sadly not online) both ran pieces from it yesterday, in which various Reading characters had a bit of a pop at them over their reaction to the Peter Cech injury affair.
It's available, obviously, from our website, in shops (mainly in the Reading area) and at amazon.

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Anonymous said...

Tony Blair?

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