Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Chalky Reminder, Billy Bunter Update

Chalky is on The One Show tonight (BBC1, 7pm). He was much taken with his interviewer, Angellica Bell, he tells me.
Hmmm. It's a tough one, but I think I can see why.
She asked him about discipline problems in our classrooms and, he says, seemed surprised when he told her what goes on in some of our worst schools. I think this is the problem: when even intelligent - and, most importantly - young media types like Angellica aren't really aware of the true picture, what hope is there?

Re Billy Bunter, a number of people have been in touch with tips and suggestions. Thanks to you all, and credit will obviously be given in due course. It seems copyright may be problematic: it's slightly labyrinthine and involves Robert Maxwell, among others. More details as and when (or if).

Finally, the government has wasted £800 million on trying to stop students dropping out of university - as though dishing out a few flyers and creating a Drop Outs Tzar at the centre of the web will change human behaviour 300 miles away. Meanwhile, they'll only spend £2.1 million on preserving our beautiful cathedrals.

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