Monday, 11 May 2009

Woman's Hour

I watched Newsnight Review one night last week.
Paul Morley was on with Miranda Sawyer and Andrew Motion and a female poet whose name escapes me. They were talking about (among other things) Nightjack and his recent well-justified Orwell Prize blogging victory, and Morley, Sawyer and the host Kirsty Wark all seemed to be labouring under the mistaken belief that this was the first time a serving police officer had 'broken ranks' to 'tell it like it is'.
Slightly galling - not least because Copperfield was on Newsnight himself not all that long ago. (Interestingly, Miranda Sawyer's wikipedia profile - which may or may not be accurate - says that she 'took a degree in Jurisprudence at Pembroke College, Oxford' before moving to London in 'to begin her career as a journalist on the magazine Smash Hits'. I'm not sure what that says, but it says something.)
Anyway, PC Bloggs's Diary of an On Call Girl is the book of the week on Radio 4's Woman's Hour in the week June 15 to 19. There will be two transmissions a day, at 10:45am and 7:45pm.

Meanwhile, an interesting piece in yesterday's Sunday Times by Chris Woodhead. Chalkesque.

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Jane said...

Any news on Bloggs and TV yet? Didn't you say you had sold the TV rights a while ago?

News from Monday Books said...

Hello Jane. No news yet, but a pilot script has been written and submitted to BBC Comedy.
These things take an awful long time to come to fruition (if they actually do come to fruition) so we're all just crossing fingers and waiting.

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