Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Reality TV With Guns

We were approached yesterday by BBC1 to see if Inspector Gadget would take part in their new show Sunday Morning Live this weekend. I think they were attracted by the (literally) hundreds of comments he's getting these days, and by his constant insistence that all British cops should be armed, all the time.

I called him (on the secure phone, obviously) to discuss this and sadly he declined, as he declines all such offers. I got chatting to him about this arm-the-cops business, and said I was sceptical; his reply was, what do we know that most of the other countries in Europe (where they do arm the police) don't, and what do we think about the fact that Derrick Bird was able to walk away from unarmed officers to continue his spree a few weeks back? Good questions, I suppose.

The whole thing is made for Monday Books authors, actually. I'll bet Moat was (semi)educated by a teacher like Frank Chalk, treated for depression etc by doctors like Tony Copperfield, arrested by cops like Gadget, Bloggs and Copperfield and assessed in prison by a psychiatrist like Theodore Dalrymple. He'll probably be attended by a paramedic like Stuart Gray when he shoots himself, or is shot. Later, our in-house neuroscientist, Simon Le Vay, might be called in to examine his brain. (I confess I'm struggling to think of a role for Austin Healey.)

I also chatted to Dalrymple yesterday, and mentioned Moat to him (he's in France at the moment, and was unaware of the lunacy). He enjoyed (and was not surprised by) Moat's suggestion, after shooting his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, that the trigger was actually pulled by a combination of the police and the injured woman, and not Raoul Moat, Esq.

This is the kind of thing he (Dalrymple) has been hearing first hand from people like Moat, and writing about, for a couple of decades now; I recommend Second Opinion, as I would, for more insights into this mad netherworld.

Talking of PC Bloggs (who we've suggested to the Beeb as an alternative to Gadget), the people who bought the rights to Diary of an On Call Girl are currently on telly with Rev (starring the brilliant Tom Hollander and the even better Lucy Liemann).

James Wood, co-creator of Rev is the guy who adapted the Bloggs book; sadly it was eventually rejected, but he's the hottest thing in showbiz (or nearly), interest is renewed. Watch this space! (Or don't, it's up to you.)



Anonymous said...

Raoul Moat - crazy name, crazy guy...

inspectorgadget said...

Austin could dance him to death?

PC Bloggs said...

Austin could turn up at the police cordon to negotiate with him, carrying a couple of DVDs and a pair of boxers?

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